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"Our daughter was struggling with physical movement due to having low muscle tone. We got in touch with Emily and our lives were forever changed! Emily is extremely attentive and helpful, coming several times a week at our request to ensure that our daughter made progress and could catch up on her important developmental milestones. She also gave me productive exercises to work on with our daughter between sessions, answered all my questions and pointed me in the direction of other helpful resources. She is extremely skilled and knowledgeable and was instrumental in our daughter's progress. I'm not sure where we would be today without her support!!! I cannot recommend her enough to help with any child's physical needs!"

-Rebecca S.

"Emily is a phenomenal physical therapist. When our daughter was 15 months old, we had her assessed for services and found she was in the 4th percentile for gross motor development. We were worried, but she was considered too young to get services from EI. Then, we found Emily.  Emily reassured us that everything would be okay. She got our daughter walking by 17 months, which was absolutely incredible. Emily is a fund of knowledge and creativity. She even provided us with so many tips that have continued to further our daughter’s development. I truly can’t express in words how much our daughter loves “Emi,” and the profound impact she has had on our lives." 

-Emily W.

“Emily was an integral part of my daughter’s development.  She is so knowledgeable, kind, warm, and consistent.  She has a wonderful way of connecting with children and helping parents grow and learn along with their children.  My daughter adores her and looked forward to every session.  She has a very special gift for working with children."


-Michelle D.

“We love Emily! Our daughter made so much progress in her time working with Emily. Emily always gave wonderful feedback and suggestions for carry over activities. Our daughter always looked forward to her time with Emily viewing her PT sessions as a super fun play date”. 

-Erin H.

"Emily is an unparalleled support for our son and our family. When we first began our therapeutic journey, as a first-time mom it was hard to know what to expect. Emily made it all easy -- her affection for our child and our family, her commitment to his growth and to educating him about the power of his body through joy and play, and her ingenuity in creating experiences that always feel personalized and engaging are just a handful of the many reasons we are so grateful to have Emily in our lives. We have been working with her for years, and she has become a primary driver in building our son’s strength, endurance, dexterity, and perhaps most important, his confidence. We feel so lucky to have found Emily, and I know you will, too!”

-Rebecca L.

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