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Emily Rosen pediatric physical therapist


A pediatric physical therapist, Emily Rosen received a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Touro College in New York City. She has experience working with children in early intervention, sensory gyms and private practice and has treated children with a range of diagnoses including torticollis, strength limitations, balance impairments, hypotonia and neuromuscular disorders. 

She takes pride in her patients, tailoring activities to each child's own interests, which helps to increase motivation and foster independence. She likes working collaboratively with parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists to help each child maximize his or her full potential and achieve their goals.

Outside of her passion for physical therapy, she loves ice cream, peppermint tea, Harry Potter, her niece and nephew and her dog, Quincy! Emily received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Rochester.  

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